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We deliver unbiased expertise through our comprehensive portfolio of innovative eco- friendly biodegradable managed services across designing, printing, packaging and merchandising with a cumulative experience of over 10 years across disciplines and proven results We love nature. we are innovative eco-friendly biodegradable.
Realizing the full potential of eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable yet innovative packaging to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity for our clients.
Build the best product, have a holistic approach, innovate, evolve with empathy and honesty. Work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for the stakeholders.
  • Large paper & stock selection & Unique Print
  • Printing programs tailored to your company needs
Foqrul Saheb Senior Artist Developer

How we do it?

We collect complete requirement from client
We design and then sent for the approval to client
After Approval Received , Sent for production
Final product is delivered to clients doorsteps




When you partner with us for your packaging and design and production needs, we believe in starting with a strong foundation. The initial briefing session serves as the cornerstone of our collaboration, where we gather essential information and insights to bring your vision to life. This is a crucial step that allows us to understand your brand, product, target audience, and specific requirements.

During the briefing, The Pack and print  team will take the time to listen carefully to your ideas, goals, and expectations. We value your input and consider it integral to creating a packaging & printing  solution that aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your customers. This collaborative approach ensures that we capture the essence of your brand and convey it effectively through innovative packaging designs.


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In the pursuit of creating something that resonates with the client’s desires, it is crucial to engage in self-critique. We take a moment to reflect on the design progress made since step one and evaluate its alignment with the initial brief. We Compare it to the insights gained from market research, then assess whether the design is suitable for the target audience and if it possesses a distinctive quality that sets it apart from competitors.

After addressing these questions and any other pertinent ones, we return to the design programs and embark on further tinkering. Engage in a continuous process of refinement until the design not only meets our personal standards of perfection but also embodies the vision established by the client.

Design Refining

Stand Out from the Competition with Custom Box Dielines

The design undergoes its final round of polishing and refinement, where the necessary finishing touches are determined. At this stage, the client may request adjustments pertaining to typography, color, and graphic imagery. The primary objective is to ensure that the final design effectively communicates the intended message or purpose.


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Graphic and Packaging Production
In the realm of graphic and packaging production, meticulous attention is given to transforming conceptual designs into tangible realities. This process involves the precise execution of visual elements, typography, colors, and imagery, ensuring that the final products effectively convey the intended message and aesthetic appeal. Our expert professionals utilize their expertise and advanced production techniques to bring the design concepts to life, resulting in visually striking and functional graphics and packaging materials.

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